We are a full-service video company and can bring your project from the brainstorming phase all the way to post production.



Pre-production services


Project Information Gathering--This is the first step in the process of creating your video.  We arrange a meeting to discuss all the needs for your project.  The purpose for this meeting is for a budget to be determined, and to get our creative team the necessary information to prepare a quotation. This is the meeting where you give us all the relevant information you want included in your video.

Quotation--After careful review of the notes from the initial meeting, we prepare a quotation based on your needs and goals.   Upon approval of the quotation, we proceed through the production.

The creative and experienced team at Awalkonwater Entertainment picks it up and starts to mold all that information and data into a compelling and memorable story.






Video Shoot--With our professional cameras and staff, we begin the video shoot.  Following the shot list, we capture all of the footage with attention to creativity and detail.

Narration Recording--The narrator that you select records the narration that will enhance the visuals.

The only variance of day rates is the number of cameras used. Additional equipment does increase set-up and take down times so actual shooting time will vary. We bring any and all equipment necessary for your project.

Half day coverage consists of 5 hours and includes travel and set-up/take down time. Overtime is billed at regular hourly rates.






Digital Editing--The editing process begins, following the agreed upon script.  We deliver a rough edit for your review.  A final edit is created based upon your feedback and creative input.

Mastering and Duplicating--The final presentation is mastered onto a digital format.  We can then handle any of your web or duplication needs for CD-ROM or DVD.

Post Production consists of video and sound editing, music, sound effects, titling, graphics, and special effects.

Every day of shooting usually needs 2-3 days of post production work. For an incredibly graphics/special FX intensive project, that number could be much higher - typically in the 4-8 day range.

For a multi-day shoot and/or multi day post production work, we do offer discounts. We're more than happy to review your project and give you a FREE estimate.


The General Analysis is a great way to get a second opinion and find out what kind of reaction your screenplay will probably generate when submitted for consideration. If you want to delve into specifics or if you are anticipating a substantial re-write, you may want our Detailed Coverage, which provides four pages of analysis. You will get specific comments that examine your script in terms of Premise, Plot Structure, Characterization, and Dialogue, and Writing Style. You will learn where the strengths and weaknesses are, and get advice on where to focus your efforts during the revision process.



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